Friday, April 17, 2009

The Tenth Annual Vedic Conference at Bheemunipatnam, Vizag Dist,
Andhra Pradesh

On 12th April 2009, Guruji hosted the annual Veda Sabha in Bhimili. For 10 successive years, he has been hosting/sponsoring this important event, wherein not only the Vedic Pandits are honoured but young students of Vedas are also honoured and given certificates. As usual, he considers his large donation as 'small contribution.'

The Sabha witnessed crisp group chanting of portions from all the four Vedas. Guruji explained that Vedas are important for the unity of the country and how important is the role played by Andhra in that. He shook everyone when he mentioned that the present land of talibans (SWAT valley) was the Brahmin Vatika!

Later, when asked for the reason for such a downfall, he answered, "Brahmins can only dedicate themselves to Vedas. Theirs a life of total committment to a singular cause. They cannot protect themselves. They have to be protected. When kshatra dharma left us, things collapsed."